Space Race

Space Race will rock you! Divided into groups of 4 you will have one mission: to complete as many game tasks as you can, as soon as you can! The best team will get a special prize. Good fun comes without saying!

If you like to take part in the competitive challenges, the Space Race is just for you! Here is what you have to do:

  • grab 4 people and create your team
  • collect points by completing as many tasks as you can
  • tasks include taking pictures in the conference venue, doing some physical activities and other
  • cooperate to get the prize and have lots of fun!

Each task is scored differently. All the completed tasks must be reported at the Info Desk. The prize goes to the team with the highest score.

The competition will last until 3:00PM on the second day of the JDD Conference. The winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremony.

If you like to compete, check out our Facebook for additional opportunities to win registration discounts.

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