Ivar Grimstad

Ivar Grimstad is an experienced software architect with a strong focus on Enterprise Java. He has been working with Java since the beginning and has over the years tried out everything from lightweight mobile applications to large scale enterprise applications. His experience covers all aspects of designing architectures based on a variety of technologies including standard Java EE as well as more lightweight frameworks such as Spring and a variety of open source products. Ivar is always focusing on quality and on using the right tools and technologies for the right task to optimize the software development process. Ivar is a frequent speaker at conferences, locally as well as internationally.


In English Spring 4, Java EE 7 or Both?

Problems choosing between Java EE and Spring? Or do you want to use both in combination? Then this session is something for you. In this session I will go through the similarities and differences between Spring 4 and Java EE 7. I will go through what you need to consider to configure and combine the two approaches. In the demo part of the presentation I will show how to integrate existing Spring 4 components into a Java EE 7 application. And as if that is not enough, I will also do it the other way around, that is to integrate existing Java EE 7 components into a Spring 4 application. Strengths and weaknesses with the approaches will then be explored and lessons learned summarized.