Tomek Borek

I got it from me parents. They coded and so do I.

I never was much into speaker bios. Where I work, what do I do, how many years I code Java or JavaScript… does it matter? I mean, yes, you can glimpse something about my affiliation or years of experience… but that matters not.

What matters instead is if I teach you something or waste entire 60 minutes of your life.
I solemnly swear to aim for the former and avoid the latter.

With all that said, if you believe what I just brushed aside and labelled insignificant is actually what may help you decide to go or not to go:

1) I’m a flawed human, and unafraid to say so. If I won’t know, I’ll say so. If I believe I’m right, I’ll say so either. :-)
2) I’m full of best intentions about all my talks (yeah, the way it’s going… we all know).
3) I’m working for Lumesse, on their flag-product, TalentLink Pro, a SAAS talent recruitment and management solution. I am part of Core Architecture team and have been coding since kid days. The bit about getting it from me old folks was no lie.
4) I code mainly in Java now.
5) I wrote no books and have not open-sourced any great project that can speak on my behalf.
6) I have spoken at conferences: SFI, 4Developers, Confitura, JDD, GeeCON (just a panel though), GigaCon and at lesser events, like JUG meetings, FooBarCamp and OpenSpaces (unconferences) or Noc Informatyka.
7) I like code and architectural kata and code retreats / dojos and have organized / helped organize some.
8) I am one of leaders for three groups: Lambda Lounge Kraków, Polish JUG and Software Craftsmanship Kraków.


In Polish Archi-kata

Great designers design, that's why they're so great.

You will group with others to design solution to presented problem.

NO INTERNET, NO COMPUTERS, just pen and pencil... and your ideas.
No hire/fire power over other team members.
No time to check it all, so use ASSUMPTIONS.

After design, you will have to present your solution to others and answer their questions... as well as those from the client.
Don't worry, you get to ask others too. ;-) 

In Polish To nie zawsze wina aplikacji

Możesz pisać kod w TDD, przykładać się do projektów i implementacji, mieć świetną architekturę (nawet heksagon z DDD) a i tak zaliczyć masakryczną wtopę przy wypuszczaniu nowej wersji swego softu.  

Pokażemy, co może sprawić, że Twoja aplikacja będzie naprawdę źle oceniona przez użytkowników, nawet jeśli masz przeglądy kodu, ciągłą integrację, testy jednostkowe (integracyjne, itp.) i szereg innych fajnych rzeczy.

Dotkniemy wirtualizacji, sieci, ruchu, monitorowania i paru innych podobnych zagadnień.