Trond Bjerkestrand

Trond is a entrepreneur and an independent Scala teacher and consultant. He enjoys meeting other Scala enthusiasts at meetups and conferences and tries to increase the use of Scala in Switzerland by co-organizer the Geneva Scala meetup. Before going all in on his new bitcoin project (obviously written in Scala) he taught developers how to take advantage of Scala, Akka, Slick and Play as a trainer and consultant at Typesafe. Six years after discovering the language he is still convinced Scala is a great way to learn functional programming and to build secure, maintainable software.


In English Scala, approachable functional programming

In this talk Trond will go into why Scala is a great language for learning functional programming.

We will see examples of using lambdas, higher order functions, immutable variables and data structures, pattern matching and for comprehensions to simplify our code.

In addition, we will look into how the Scala compiler and it's strong type system helps us avoid bugs and how we can structure our code to take full advantage of it.