After Party

Some of you already know us, so you know that the JDD afterparty is going to be a blast!

This year you’re invited to the JDD afterparty, which will be held at Plac Nowy 1 after the first day of the lectures. The pub is located just 10 minutes walking distance from the conference venue. Bowling and free beer await you there until midnight!

Plac Nowy 1 is also a great place to sit down and talk in an informal atmosphere.

The afterparty starts at 9:00 PM and will go on until 1:00 AM - but the party doesn’t end here – Krakow’s Kazimierz and Plac Nowy are full of amazing and enjoyable pubs open till late night (or early morning). 

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact Joanna Okrajni at

Important: you will only be able to enter the afterparty if you have your JDD wristband on!


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